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"You changed my life. I own 4 H&R Block franchises and 2 Verizon Wireless stores. I have had 100% increase sales productivity since I met you. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you."
— David Poulin,
Berlin, New Hampshire

"Your program has deeply impacted my personal productivity and the quality of my life. It helps me to re-energize my mind and stay focused."
— Gerry Graves, Vice President,
Coca-Cola Enterprises

"More than 20 years ago, a friend had introduced me to Richard Tosti. I applied his teachings and began to take control over my career path. I have achieved financial security at 44 for myself and my family.”
— John R., Winchester, MA, Vice President,
-One Grateful Fan

"Richard Tosti provides simple but hard-hitting advice on how to use success techniques to achieve excellence—to be all you can be, as a leader or in any pursuit to which you are truly committed."
— William Hunt, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Raytheon Co.

"Mr. Tosti has gathered the universal truths of personal/professional achievement and presents them with passion and precision in such a way that you are immediately energized."
— James F. Bochiechio, Director of Sales,
Yellow Book USA

"The Proactive Path is an excellent compilation on improving your personal/professional performance and acquiring a more optimistic outlook on life. it draws from many experts in the field and adds Richard’s unique flair. An easy read that can make a difference!"
— Tom McChesney, Director,
Sprint Business Enterprise Strategy, Center of Excellence

"Richard Tosti's book provides a success formula for permanent behavior change in life and work. Your success in life and work accelerates to new heights!"
— Ken Cieplik, Vice President of Field Sales,
Reebok International

"If one needed proof positive for the oft-quoted adage 'If you can conceive it, you can do it!' The Proactive Path is a must read."
— John Geheran, Vice President,
Sales Strategy, BOSE Corporation


Ted Highberger

Coca Cola of New England


Lina Ellis

Corporate Incentive Manager
Federal Systems Division


Ray Mines

Executive Vice President
McDonalds Corporation