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The most important accomplishment that Richard Tosti achieves in his presentations is that he teaches my employees how to eliminate self-imposed limitations and excuses of why they cannot achieve a goal. Think about what you can do, not what you can’t do, and you will do more!
— Ted Highberger, President

Richard’s Seminar is one of the best investments I've made personally and for McDonald's Corp. He has the key to maintain the motivation after the seminar. IT WORKS!
— Roger Lexall, Vice President
McDonald's Corporation

“You Cannot Save Your Way to Prosperity” — Neville Isdell, Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola

Do you want your sales and profits to increase in these tough times, with a leaner sales force? Do you want to prosper now? Do you want to increase individual results 20%, 50%, even 100%! Of course you do! Don't wait until times get better! Now is the best time to take advantage of what Richard Tosti can do for you.

Let Richard do for you what he has been doing for other great corporations for 30 years—help you and your people achieve a higher level of productivity, and make the most of their talents and goals!

Learn how to overcome the barrage of bad economic news that undermines your employees’ resolve to succeed. Positive energies attract positive cash flow.